For the poor, getting sick would mean drying up all their resources and crippling their livelihood. This is why many sick people just leave their illnesses untreated.

From a desire to be of help to those who need medical assistance, Clinic ni Kuya Daniel was conceived.

With at least 13 branches Philippine-wide, the free health clinic is one of the longest-running social care services of Kuya Daniel Razon through his morning show, Good Morning Kuya!. It started as a small shack beside UNTV’s old studio in New Manila, Quezon City that offered general medical consultation and basic medicines.

As demand for wider health coverage and services grew, Kuya Daniel was convinced that more specialized doctors need to be hired to render services on internal medicine, optometry, ENT, gynecology, pediatrics, orthopedic, dental, dermatology, and surgery. Laboratory equipment and x-ray machines are also procured to beef up the clinic’s diagnostic capability.

After consultations with the physicians on-duty, Clinic ni Kuya patients are dispensed with free medicines from Botika ni Kuya. Free glasses and dentures are provided for patients with visual and dental concerns, respectively.

Consultations are available based on schedule in different parts of the country – Mondays to Saturdays.