REPASO 2018: Harmful Effects of Fireworks and Firecrackers

Before spending or using fireworks and firecrackers to ring in 2019, read about the possible harmful consequences of the misuse of fireworks and firecrackers first to avoid regret, or worse, serious injury later.

To keep you and your loved ones safe from accidents and injuries caused by fireworks and firecrackers,, follow these reminders:


Learn how dangerous Cadmium is to the human body. This is one of the harmful substances found in firecrackers and fireworks.


Lead, a known toxic chemical, is also found in fireworks and firecrackers.


Chromium is another harmful substance present in firecrackers.What dangers does it pose to the body?


Aluminum is but one of the damaging chemicals used to make firecrackers and fireworks.
Know about its bad effects to our bodies here.

Magnesium Dust and Fumes

Magnesium dust and fumes can have toxic effects to the body when inhaled. Know how.

Nitrates, Nitrites, Phosphates, and Sulfates

Did you know that Nitrates, nitrites, phosphates, and sulfates — all of which are in fireworks — have adverse effects to the human body?

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide, a firework component, can cause several harmful side effects to humans. Read some of them here.

Copper Dust Fumes

Copper dust fumes are only some of the worrisome chemicals found in fireworks. Learn how they can damage the body when ingested or inhaled.

Manganese Dioxide Fumes

Did you know that manganese dioxide fumes found in fireworks and firecrackers have bad effects to the lungs and the muscles?

Potassium Chlorate

Learn how the potassium chlorate in fireworks can affect your respiratory health.


Sodium in Firecrackers

Warning: Sodium in firecrackers can irritate your throat and mucus membranes.

Zinc Oxide Fumes

Ever heard of metal fume fever? A firework/firecracker component can cause it; know about the dangers of zinc oxide fumes here.

Nitrogen and Sulfur Oxides

Nitrogen and sulfur oxides in fireworks inhibit pulmonary function and damage respiratory organs.

Safety Tips

Life-saving first aid tips to follow in case of injuries from fireworks and firecrackers.