A Lifetime of Care

Becoming a doctor and being able to treat one patient at a time was originally Kuya Daniel Razon’s professional dream. (Kuya is a Filipino word for “big brother.”)

But heeding wise advice (from an uncle who happens to be an international televangelist and the host of the longest-running religious program in the Philippines), he chose a different path in college.

Now, he is one of the Philippines’ veteran broadcasters. That is, one who, through sincere ways unimagined in the country’s history, has become a bright instrument and living example in saving many lives daily across and beyond the nation.

From roaming public service radio booths to news-and-rescue vans, Kuya Daniel has come up and realized his ideas with the Lord’s help; groundbreaking ones that not only stirred the media landscape, but also showed everyone what it could aspire to be.

From simple event reporting to conscious, active involvement, news broadcasting in the Philippines truly has never been with this much heart.

UNTV News and Rescue

“If the breaking news item you’re covering involves someone you see needing immediate medical attention, do you just keep the camera rolling to get the scoop first or help him?”

It was a question that he used to ask his broadcasting students in Centro Escolar University, back in his college teaching days.

Fast forward to 2010 when the opportunity came, and he being the CEO of his company’s managed media network UNTV — Kuya Daniel launched the first-ever “Rescue First, Report Later” initiative on the 18th of July.

UNTV reporters received Emergency Response Training (ERT) certification from the Search and Rescue Unit Foundation, Inc. (SARUF), a recognized army rescue unit in the Philippines to be able to help people in need in times of accidents.

Reporters also underwent other trainings including those involving life-threatening water scenarios. From day one, Kuya Daniel was right there leading and learning with his team of reporters about life-saving knowledge and skills.

UNTV’s News and Rescue teams in the rest of the country soon followed suit and became certified rescuers as well — and has since been a sigh and sight of relief for citizens on the streets encountering highway mayhaps.

Our fellowmen are more important than anything else, more than getting and delivering news.

Dr. Daniel Razon

Drone Journalism

Having a bird’s eye view of things can certainly help to see the breadth of a large-scale ground situation, especially during disasters. And Kuya Daniel used his vision of that piece of technology for a broader, better application.

For the first time in Philippine broadcast history, UNTV launched aerial drones to the sky and gave news viewers a breathtaking angle and a different perspective.

Its first and, if not the most, one of its most poignant uses was in November of 2013, when it showed the harrowing aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan.

After what could be described as an unprecedented “news blackout” due to communication systems and power lines going down in the area, the UNTV drone’s footage showed the first sweeping view of what had happened — unforgettable images of what nature’s wrath can do, and, the extent of help and rebuilding needed to be done.

Drone journalism provided audiences with a panorama of events unlike ever before. However, such is not UNTV’s ultimate goal.

As with its news and rescue advocacy, its drones will answer a higher calling.

UNTV CEO Daniel Razon says that using drones for news reporting is a trial for a greater purpose – rescue operations.


Kuya Daniel shared that aerial drones could carry lifesavers. Water drones on the other hand could peruse sunken ships in search for possible survivors, especially when sending divers in could also cost their lives.

UNTV has already been looking into acquiring drones of different capabilities that will help further its news and rescue missions.

Get it Straight

Hearsays and rumours surrounding a controversial matter can cloud truths, especially when it involves societal or national inquiry and concern.

So to help enlighten the masses’ minds on the latest issues heating up the Philippine political scene, Get It Straight with Daniel Razon goes straight to the personalities behind them.

Before a live studio audience sipping coffee in an actual café witnessed by television and web viewers tuned in, the show’s guests get to explain their side of the story. Albeit, as Kuya Daniel asks them questions — the hard-hitting, truth-begging ones the public timely and desperately requires and deserves.

Truly, with the gravity of truth weighing it down, the seat across Kuya Daniel is not for the snarky. Hence, the program’s slogan: Bawal ang pikon (Don’t be touchy).

Despite the topics’ heated nature however, every episode is actually more of an entertaining tet-a-tet what with Kuya Daniel’s unmistakeable tact, humor and wit that keep guests coming back for more.

Serbisyong Kasangbahay

Broadcast media has come a long way since the transistor radio. But with every program, Kuya Daniel makes it go an extra mile.

On July 18, 2016, UNTV launched its flagship public service oriented program: Serbisyong Kasangbahay (Household Service) with Kuya Daniel at the helm.

It gives all-around assistance such as medical and legal and also answers government service inquiries from its audiences on radio, TV and the internet.

“Like with Serbisyong Kasangbahay: For example that there is [someone] who has a problem with the Department of Labor and Employment, why do we need to put that on broadcast?

It’s because that person may not be the only one with that kind of issue. And if the solution to that would be heard by those listening via radio or watching on TV, then you’ll be able to inform them about it.”

Through partnerships with government agencies, private groups and companies, the program is able to deliver public service fast and conveniently to people who may be calling from their homes or dropping by the UNTV Radyo La Verdad booth.

For those who can’t, UNTV and its partners go where the people are.

Aptly called, “People’s Day,” it is a service that is mainly a medical mission, but is also coupled with other services like free haircuts, massages and even optical lenses and dentures.

Within the same year of its launch, it earned the Most Outstanding and Trusted Public Service Program title by the National Customers’ Choice Awards. As for Kuya Daniel...

With or without recognition, UNTV will continue to strive with patience what little things we can do to contribute to public service and in broadcasting, whatever we can share to our fellowmen.

Dr. Daniel Razon


Even what is supposedly meant for physical exercise, camaraderie or just plain fun can bring about social good.

Proof? The UNTV Cup. This is the basketball league where public servants who can normally be found in their respective government offices, camps and barracks, and senate or judicial hearings unite on the hard court.

Each team plays to win the grand prize of P1M for their respective beneficiaries of choice.

Kuya Daniel launched the tourney on July 29, 2013, coinciding with the 9th anniversary of UNTV. The cup has since given over P10M tax-free donations as of 2017 to charitable institutions caring for war or earthquake victims or those suffering from chronic diseases or permanent disabilities.

The initiative started with an an idea that people of different backgrounds and beliefs can come together for the good of the nation. “The League of Public Servants,” indeed.

Wish 107.5

Conceptualizing the Philippines’ first Mobile Radio Booth, it’s no surprise that Kuya Daniel would soon come up with (a very cool) FM station on wheels.

But when the Wish FM Bus started a-rolling on August 10, 2014, it was everything but unsurprising.

Who would have ever thought that commuters or bystanders could enjoy a musical treat or even a mini concert from their favorite local or international artist while on the busy streets of Manila?

And the same goes for the artists who have experienced singing aboard the Wish FM Bus and its state-of-the-art equipment that produces a signature studio-quality sound.

The talented disc jockeys broadcast live from the bus, everyday, rain or shine. And it’s YouTube channel showcases raw Filipino talent that rack up millions of views worldwide.

It has been dubbed as the OPM (Original Pilipino Music) artists’ gateway to the world. And rightfully so.

It was the first-ever Philippine YouTube channel to garner 1M subscribers. The Wishclusive performances of Filipino singers also got noticed in the international music scene and got commended by chart-breaking artists such as Jessie J. and Matisyahu, to name some.

Add to this the YouTube reviewers whose online reaction videos have an average of over 100,000 views, and are among those who eagerly await each new Wishclusive video in sheer joy and appreciation of all the talent the archipelago has to offer.

Wish 107.5 however isn’t just all about the music. It’s about the giving as well.

Since it’s inception, it has been granting the wishes of its listeners — be it a simple birthday celebration or a trip to an amusement park.

But its greatest wish-granting activity happens every Wish Music Awards.

Instead of just awarding artists for their craft and contribution to music, the channel awards the chosen beneficiaries of the winning ones with a total of P1M in cash.

Filipino music with a heart.

Of Life, Time and Achievements

With the charitable endeavours he spearheads, it had earned him the affectionate call of “Kuya” or big brother.

And in 2017, he became the youngest ever to receive the grandest honor that the Philippine broadcasters’ association bestows: the (Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas) KBP Lifetime Achievement Award.

As its description goes: It is given to individuals who have “significantly contributed to the advancement of the broadcast media and consistently demonstrated high standards of excellence and professionalism in his or her work.”

Being a sole outstanding citizen has never been one of Kuya Daniel’s goals. Being an example? Unequivocally.

Be it a morning show format, drone journalism or any other homogenous mesh of technology and compassion, Kuya Daniel has not only pioneered in it, but has set the standard for broadcasting with public service at its core.

These are endeavours that undoubtedly took no overnight success, but years of experience, patience and dedication — such he hopes others will consider to be worth emulating.

If all networks will be adding different things [to their programming] that could influence the viewers and listeners for them to strive to do good, for me that would be an achievement.

That would be something that I would be thankful for, knowing that in one way or the other, we have been part of a campaign: Doing good will not yield evil.

Dr. Daniel Razon

“Truly humbling” were the words uttered by Kuya Daniel on becoming a Lifetime Achievement awardee.

For as he often mentions whenever recognition is given to him or his work, that he is just a humble instrument of the One who gives him the opportunity to do good. And so, He is the one deserving of all the honor and glory.


World Class Filipino Award, May 27, 2017

Kuya Daniel Razon received the “World Class Filipino Award” in the field of Public Service and Broadcast (Radio and Television) from the World Class Philippines Awards 2017.

Lifetime Achievement Award, May 16, 2017

Kuya Daniel Razon is recognized as this year’s Lifetime Achievement awardee in the 25th Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP) Golden Dove Awards.

UmalohokJuan Awards Special Citation, March 10, 2016

Dr. Daniel S. Razon was presented with a special citation as the only media personality committed in helping the underprivileged through unparalleled broadcasting in the UmalohokJuan Awards 2016 held in Manila, Philippines.

A notable part in bridging the gap between the police and the citizens, August 3, 2015

The Philippine National Police Community Relations Group (PCRG) awarded UNTV for playing a notable part in bridging the gap between the police and the citizens while Kuya Daniel Razon, UNTVBMPI Chairman and CEO, was invited to be the honorary guest speaker held at the PNP MultiPurpose Hall in Camp Crame, Quezon City.

Outstanding Journalist and Public Servant, July 30, 2013

With his countless groundbreaking firsts in public service and broadcasting practices in the Philippines, Kuya Daniel Razon was hailed the Outstanding Journalist and Public Servant in the 33rd

Doctorate Degree in Humanities, Honoris Causa, May 6, 2011

Before its more than 6,000 graduates, the Polytechnic University of the Philippines conferred on Kuya Daniel Razon the doctorate degree in Humanities, Honoris Causa, during its 2011 Commencement Exercises held at the World Trade Center in Pasay City, Philippines.

People’s Choice Awards, April 8, 2011

The official websites of UNTV News and Rescue and broadcast journalist Daniel Razon won the People’s Choice awards in the 12th Philippine Web Awards, respectively, held at the Carlos P. Romulo auditorium, RCBC Plaza in Makati City.

Best TV Public Service Host and Best Public Service Channel, December 20, 2010

Kuya Daniel Razon and his home station, UNTV News and Rescue, bagged the awards for Best TV Public Service Host and Best Public Service Channel, respectively, in the Dangal ng Bayan People's Choice Awards of the National Consumers Affairs Foundation and Asia Pacific Awards Council.

Best Male Newscaster, November 13, 2010

Kuya Daniel Razon was chosen as Best Male Newscaster in the 24th Philippine Movie Press Club (PMPC) Star Awards for Television held at the Newport Performing Arts Theater, Resorts World Manila in Pasay City.